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Advanced CNC Grinding in Winnipeg

Our skilled machinists specialize in external, internal and surface grinding. We can machine smooth surfaces, flat surfaces, or smooth rounded surfaces. Quality and precision are assured with comprehensive inspection protocols. You can always trust NC Machine and Tool for advanced CNC grinding in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America. If you want to know more about CNC grinding, connect with our team.

Full CNC Cylindrical Grinding Up To 12 X 36 Inch

Cylindrical grinding is a preferable and effective option for grinding as it can work on various shape objects. Our specially designed grinding machine is ideal for the grinding of workpieces in series production. Therefore, this method is ideally suited and widely used in the automobile industry and other sectors where large series production occurs.

Accurate Multi-Step Diameters and Taper Grinding

If you are looking for taper grinding solutions, at NC Machine and Tool, you can expect the quality finish and execution of our taper grinds. Our team can provide you with accurate multi-step diameters, along with a quick turnaround time.

Hard Coating and Chrome Grinding

If you want foolproof resistance to wear and corrosion, chromium coatings are the best option. Due to its hardness and resistance capabilities, it is widely used in industries such as Aerospace, Nuclear, Heavy Machinery and applications, especially for critical components. When you come to us for chrome grinding, we will ensure your components meet precise thicknesses externally and internally.

Ability to Supply Ground Hard Coating Finished Products

Hard chrome surfaces can be readily ground, honed, polished, lapped, or finished by various means. You can depend on us as we are technically qualified to grind or hone chromium. If you require help in this area, we are here to assist you.

Efficient Gear & Spline Cutting

We provide quick & efficient turnaround times with the highest quality gearing and spline cutting.

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