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High-Quality CNC Milling Services in Winnipeg

NC Machine and Tool has the required skills, components, and equipment to provide expert CNC milling services in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America. We are your one-stop shop for all your milling needs as we have everything you need in one place. From horizontal and vertical mills to OEM parts manufacturing, we can do it all. Get in touch with our team today and tell us your requirements.

Large Horizontal 4 Axis Matsuura High Precision Mill

Matsuura machinery is an established & recognized market leader in automated multi-pallet, multi-axis, multi-tool and multi-tasking. We stock the state-of-the-art CNC milling machine tools by Matsuura to provide world-class productivity and maximize process efficiency.

6 Vertical Mills With Full 4th Axis Capabilities

We have 6 vertical mills that offer full 4th Axis capabilities. Our vertical mills are extremely useful on precision projects that require special attention to detail. You can trust our CNC vertical milling machines to ensure accurate cuts and high-quality milling services.

Contract OEM Parts Manufacturing

We can design, engineer and manufacture parts and sub-assemblies. You can always come to us for OEM parts as NC Machine and Tool is a trusted contractor for OEM parts manufacturing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and North America.

Short and Long-Run Production

We are capable of performing both short and long-run production. So you don’t need to look anywhere else for your machining needs. We can cater to your specific production needs as per your requirements.

Full Range of Manual Machines

We provide a wide variety of manual machines to complete your projects.

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