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Prototyping: Designing and Manufacturing in Winnipeg

Prototypes often begin with a basic idea of a product. At NC Machine and Tool, we help transform your ideas into reality as our team brings your design to life with a prototyping process. It is a prevalent method of testing the feasibility of an idea nowadays. You can trust our team as we specialize in rapid prototyping.

First of all, we determine the key features and characteristics of the final product. Our process is refined with constant evaluation and improvement as we go further with the manufacturing process. Don’t look anywhere else when our professional prototyping team is ready to answer all your queries and concerns in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America.

Prototype Design and Manufacture

Using modern equipment and methods, NC Machine and Tool has the expertise to design and manufacture prototypes. Over the years, we have refined our operations to keep up with modern technology and give you top-notch services.

In-House Design and Drafting Service

When it comes to developing your products for mass production, design for manufacture is a critical step. 

Tool and Die Makers In-House

We offer high-quality tool and die manufacturing with the help of our in-house tool and die makers. NC Machine and Tool is your source for custom manufactured tools and dies. We are a supporter of the Manitoba Apprentice Machinist/Tool and Die Maker programs.

Custom Work for Any Industry

No matter your needs, we have got you covered with our custom prototyping services. Our team will make sure your prototype is designed and manufactured with precision, regardless of your industry.

Your Idea is Our Blueprint

You can be sure that our team will take your idea to completion, maintaining high-quality standards.

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