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Vibration Stress-Relieving Process in Winnipeg

One cannot determine the quality of a metal part from the surface. You never know what lies beneath the superficial layer. Machine stability, long-term shape stabilization and the part’s resistance are all greatly affected by the quality. So it is important to keep the performance of your metal components in check. One of the significant factors that affects the consistency of performance is stress.

A popular solution for controlling distortion after machining is stress relief. At NC Machine and Tool, we offer vibration stress-relieving processes in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America with the help of modern technology.

Sub-Harmonic Vibration Technology
Sub-harmonic technology is widely recognized as an effective stress relief process that has experienced consistently successful results in the metalworking industry. We employ this technology for complete vibration stress relief.
Stress Relief from Machining Process
For all metal components, stress relief is essential to ensure consistent quality of performance. We offer stress relief from the machining process to ensure your operations can run uninterrupted for a long time.
Stress Relief from Welding During and After Processes
Relieving residual stress through welding techniques as well as temperature control can significantly reduce weld distortion. Over the years, our welders have become proficient in relieving stress during and post welding.
95% More Cost-Effective Than Heat Treating
The sub-harmonic vibration stress relief process is now a very popular method to save costs and time. It has been academically verified as an effective stress relief solution. It is also 95% more cost-effective than heat treating and is thus a preferred alternative.
Fast Turnaround Time
NC Machine and Tool offers a fast turnaround time for the vibration stress-relieving process so that your operations don’t have to wait.

Looking for a Machinist?

NC Machine and Tool is ready to offer services for whatever machining requirements you may have.

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