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Conventional Machine Shop Services in Winnipeg

NC Machine and Tool understands that your business has no time for downtime, and we take pride in offering conventional machine shop services in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America to keep your operation running at top speed. Our skilled and certified machinists will do whatever it takes to make your project a success. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure all our machining jobs are completed with efficiency.

We Employ and Train Certified Machinists and Tool & Die Makers

You can rest assured that your work will be completed with precision and efficiency as we take every possible step to make it possible. Each of our machinists is trained to perform high-quality work. We also have certified die makers.

Full Range of Manual Machines

We have a wide range of manual machines which support and maintain the operations of many different industries. You can depend on us for diversified machining work for the processing of different metals. We are willing to go that extra mile to meet your needs.

Design and Prototype Work Specialists

Whether your design is complex or simple and requires a prototype or an entire production run, we are eager to meet your needs. Our modern facilities and work specialists allow us to produce precise, quality machine shop parts promptly.

Jig and Fixture Design and Manufacture

Jigs and fixtures are production tools that are used to manufacture duplicate and interchangeable parts accurately. They are specially designed so that large numbers of components can be machined or assembled identically and ensure interchangeability. We offer both design and manufacturing for jigs and fixtures.

One-Off or Short-Run High-Precision Parts 

Our CNC machining shop can make high-precision parts. We have advanced machinery to do the job efficiently and make these highly complex, high-precision parts.

Smart Welding Solutions

Our skilled welders can weld all metals, including stainless steel, copper and brass.

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