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Reliable Metal Services in Winnipeg

Specializing in CNC machining, NC Machine and Tool combines top-notch know-how with a commitment to offer exceptional metal services. Whether your design is simple or complex, we are eager to meet your needs. No matter if you require a prototype or a full production run, we have the perfect match for your project in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America. Our modern, state-of-the-art facility and experienced team allow us to consistently produce precise, quality machine shop parts in a timely manner.


We can easily meet the most rigid commercial and industrial specifications, and neither the largest nor the smallest production run is a problem for us. Our expertise also allows for a virtually non-existent learning curve when working with new or unfamiliar industries. With this sought-after combination, we are able to ensure your metal design, fabrication and repairs are done right, every time. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Our Services

Our robust range of services includes:

CNC machining and turning
CNC cylindrical grinding
CNC spline cutting and broaching
Vibration stress relieving
Conventional machine shop services
Prototyping and tool making
Gear and spline cutting
Precision parts development and manufacturing
CWB 47.1 division 2 certified welding: MIG, TIG, all metals
Propeller, boat welding and skeg repair
Design and manufacturing of specialized equipment: jigs, tools and fixtures

Reliable CNC Machining & Turning

We are your go-to shop for CNC machining & turning services in Winnipeg.

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