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CNC Lathe Capabilities & Machining in Winnipeg

When it comes to non-mass-produced component creation, nothing can beat the level of precision that CNC machining offers. With the advancement in technology, it is possible to replace or make new parts without large quantity production. The lathe is one of its popular forms. We offer precision CNC lathe capabilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America.


We can achieve extreme accuracy while producing small parts by CNC lathe. When we at NC Machine and Tool are on the job, you can expect the accuracy and precision that you desire. We offer:

Small and Large Diameter Precision Turning and Boring

You can expect small and large diameter precision turning and boring here at NC Machine and Tool.

8 Axis Twin Chuck 4 1/8 Inch Bar Feed Capable High-Quality Lathe

CNC Lathe is always helpful while removing any material from a rotating workpiece. Our high-quality CNC lathe machine can efficiently remove the material from the workpiece to achieve the desired diameter. 

Bar Feed and Production Work

If you want to boost your productivity and efficiency, you can rely on our bar feeders. The selection is often based on several factors, including quantities of production, automation level desired, length requirements, the type of turning machine, and much more.

Up To 8 Inch Spindle Bore Capacity and 80 Inch Length

The spindle bore is the maximum size piece of stock that you can feed through the headstock. Working this way is often convenient; we take out an inch or so of round stock, machine it, cut it off, then poke out a bit more to make the next one. Our spindle bore capacity ranges up to 8 inches with an 80-inch length.

Short and Long Run Production Available

We have the production capacity to perform both short and long-run processes. So you don’t need to look anywhere else for your lathe needs. We can cater to your specific production needs as per your requirements.

Get the Results You Expect

We will make sure to provide you with your precision machining requirements.

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